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Lori Vashaw, BS, CN

Before I went to see Lori, I felt sluggish, swollen, and blah.  Now I am in a much better mood and know how to improve my mood when it is not good.  I am also nicer to myself than I used to be.  I am proud of my weight loss and how I changed my eating habits.  I thought I was eating healthy before, but I wasn’t.  Lori’s guidance contributed to my success.  If you have tried everything and nothing has worked, try healthy, clean eating and Lori’s suggestions.  What do you have to lose?

Christine (9/9/21)

I was overweight and felt like I was headed for a heart attack.  I was exhausted after walking up stairs.  Now, my energy is much better, and I can walk up the stairs without feeling completely winded.  I am proud of myself for sticking with the diet and losing over 40 lbs.  I never thought I would be able to give up candy and other comfort foods, but I replaced them with delicious, healthful foods and feel much better.  What contributed to my success the most was accepting that I had an eating problem and changing my diet.  I had to work hard to make it work, but I am so glad I did.  I would recommend that others give the program a try.

Marcia (8/26/21)


Before I went to see Lori, I was overweight, felt sick, had low energy, and didn’t feel well all the way around.  Every night after work I would come home and take a nap.  My blood pressure was always high, and I was taking over 10 different medications.  I was heading down the same path as my parents, and I didn’t want to be stuck in a recliner watching TV during my retirement years.  After working with Lori, I have lost weight and my blood pressure is now low enough that I am slowly reducing my medications.  My primary care doctor is amazed at the change.  As a Crohn’s patient, I have almost no symptoms, and I feel years younger.  I am amazed at the weight loss and how much better I feel.  I am so happy to make a change in my life that I can easily maintain without feeling like I have to miss out on things.  I have learned so much about how my body reacts to different things, and as a result, I know what I need to avoid.  Lori is honest and upfront.  I don’t feel like she is trying to “blow smoke.”  When I started this, I specifically told my wife that I didn’t want to deal with any “hocus pocus.”  About a week into it, I realized it was working.  Go in with an open mind, follow Lori’s recommendations, and give it a month or two to see how you feel.  You can take control of things and feel like you are accomplishing something that will have a long-term impact.

Dan (7/26/21)

Before I went to see Lori, I felt awful.  I would get the blues every day between 2-3 p.m.  I started to feel hopeless.  Now I am sleeping better and feel the best I have felt in several years.  I am happy that I am finally losing weight and feeling better.  Following her nutritional advice has contributed to my success.  The diet is not difficult to follow, and it includes a lot of good food.  I would recommend that others give it a chance.  Listen to what Lori has to say and learn about nutrition.

Brian (6/8/21)



Before I went to see Lori, I felt sad, tired, and bloated.  Now I feel happy and energetic.  My double chin is almost gone, and I am walking 2 miles a day.  Lori believed I could get better, which made me believe it also. Follow her directions, and you will succeed.

Risa (3/22/21)



Before I went to see Lori, I could not walk due to having a stroke.  I could only walk with a walker.  I felt old, and I had no ambition.  My outlook on life was not good.  My skin looked gray.  I was producing too much saliva, and I was drooling due to stroke complications.  It felt like I had one foot in the grave.  After working with Lori, I am now walking and feel better.  I am ready to start doing things like mowing my lawn and building chairs.  I am no longer producing excess saliva.  It feels great that I can now walk on my own a little or with a cane.  Changing my diet, using Standard Process supplements, and Lori’s guidance has contributed to my success.  My advice is to not hesitate going to Riverview Wellness Center to see Lori.  She really cares!  

Stephen (3/1/21)



Before I went to see Lori, I was 60 pounds overweight with high cholesterol and blood pressure.  I had no energy and just felt overwhelmed with all of it.  I have much more energy now, and I am sleeping better.  I have started exercising and eating healthier, and I am losing weight and feel so much better overall.  I finally feel like exercising again and am much happier.  I am not embarrassed to go out of the house, and I feel like doing things again.  I like checking in once a month.  It is great to get on the scale to see the weight coming off and the progress I am making.  I don’t think I could have done it without Lori’s program and guidance.  I have tried so many programs without success, but this one works.  My best advice is to follow the plan she suggests.  Otherwise, you are cheating yourself.

Mary (1/8/20)



I have been seeing Lori for the past ten years. I started going to Lori when I was struggling with fertility. I was told that I had severe endometriosis and to get back on birth control, which was the entire reason I had endometriosis.  Lori put me on a plan and reflex tested me to see what my body was lacking. Little did I know, my body was a mess, my hormones were off, and I had many other things going on. After three months on Lori’s protocol, I felt amazing. I was pregnant within six months, and I continued to see her throughout both of my pregnancies, which were wonderful.  When the doctor. delivered my daughter, he stated “that is the healthiest placenta I have ever seen”. She has helped both of my children over the past six years and continues to help us today. I had a hard time after my second son because my body was completely off. Lori, again, was able to help me, and I couldn’t be happier to have her in my life.

Stephanie (10/20/20)

Before I went to see Lori, I felt horrible. I was bloated and had zero energy and extreme fatigue. Now, I feel great.  I am no longer bloated, have more energy, and do not feel tired. This is important because I have 6 children at home, and 5 of them are 3 and under. In just over a month, I lost 15 lbs. Lori is very encouraging, and her helpfulness really motivated  me.

Pepper (10/20/20)

I am so glad I made the decision to start to see Lori in June.  Her guidance and nutritional supplements have helped me change my life both physically and mentally.  Lori is good for the soul!

Jeanne Anne (10/16/20)

I went to Riverview Wellness based on a friend’s recommendation.  I wanted to find out why, after taking a bunch of herbal supplements all my life and exercising regularly, I still was not able to lose any weight no matter how hard I tried.  At my first visit with Lori, she explained how my body wasn’t functioning properly to digest the food I was putting into it, no matter how “good “ the food was.  Lori is a beautiful woman who emits positivity and has a gift of knowing exactly what my body needs to work properly. The results, after being on the Candida plan and Standard Process supplements for just 30 days, exceeded my expectations!  I lost 15.6 pounds (11 of that from fat) not just water weight like on some programs.  I feel like a new woman, ready for any challenges that come my way, and I look 20 years younger!  Now I am the one recommending Lori to everyone who asks me how I did it.  It’s all about substitutes not sacrifices.  The love and support from Lori and her staff is amazing. They truly care about their clients and want us to succeed.  They are always available to answer any questions and do so happily.  I am so glad I found Riverview Wellness Center.

Pattie (10/13/20)

I’ve been going to the Riverview Wellness Center for about 17 years now.  Lori’s work motivated me to go back to school to learn what she does, so I can shower other people with great health also. She has truly been an inspiration to me!

Ann (10/12/20)

When I came to Riverview Wellness, I was in a dark place in my life. I was struggling with anxiety and depression and all the doctors could do was prescribe medication. Lori taught me how to take care of my body. She taught me what my body was lacking and how to feed it healthy, nutritious food. In a matter of months, I was off my prescription medication and feeling so much better (lighter, refreshed and happier). Fast forward over 10 years and now I can’t thank Lori enough for ALL she has taught me and my family. She helped me when I was trying to get pregnant with our third child. I even talked to her as I was in labor! She was a huge help in my recovery of my pregnancy as well. My third child is our “Riverview” baby--the only child I was pregnant with while seeing Lori, and we notice such a difference in her health and well-being. My family overall is so much healthier because of all I learned from Lori! I was never taught about healthy food or how to cook from scratch until I met Lori. I owe her everything because without our health, what do we have? She’s like family. I love her and am thankful she was placed in our lives!

Kristen (10/12/20)

We tried our best to stay well and eat healthy, but when crisis hit, I would get burned out trying to give my family enough home remedies to get well.  After bringing my family to see Lori, everyone is thriving. I was glad to get all of us on a more balanced diet as well as being supported by quality supplements. Lori believed in me, and that made all the difference.  Her expert care is my go to now.  Absolutely listen to Lori's advice.

Claire (10/6/20)

I found that I was lacking energy, especially during hot weather.  I first started seeing Lori in 2008, and her competent and caring guidance helped me feel so much better.  I was able to restore my energy level and have been walking and exercising daily ever since.  I also noticed a big improvement in my mental clarity.  I think what contributed to my success was my willingness to live as healthfully as I can with the belief that my life is valuable.  My advice to new clients—eat well (including reducing/eliminating empty calories), exercise, get plenty of sleep and sunshine, etc.  This will make Lori’s guidance help them even more.

Dave (10/6/20)

Before I came to see Lori, I was housebound, sedentary, depressed, suicidal, lacking energy, sleeping a lot, and experiencing skin problems due to having Multiple Sclerosis.  Now, my quality of life has improved significantly.  My energy, endurance, strength, mental outlook, ability to focus, and skin all improved after working with Lori.  I am proud that I was able to change my eating habits and lose weight. Lori gave me hope.  My will and determination to not fail and to live a happy life has helped me be successful.  My suggestion to others is that you need to tap into your own personal reason to feel better.

Adam (9/29/20)

Before I came to see Lori, I felt sluggish and did not eat well.  I was overweight and could not seem to lose any weight.  Now that I have learned what foods my body does not tolerate, I have changed my diet.  I feel so much better, and my energy level has increased.  I committed to the healthier diet and am very proud that I was finally able to lose the extra weight.  The education Lori has given me about nutrition has definitely contributed to my success.  Lori is a great practitioner, and she has helped both my husband and I improve our health.

Annette (9/29/20)

I had been going to the doctor for several years because I had stomach issues, eczema, thyroid issues, low energy, etc.  Before my appointment, I was very skeptical of Nutritional Response Testing.  After working with Lori Vashaw and following the program, I lost 20 lbs. in one month.   I found that my energy returned, eczema cleared up, and stomach issues improved.  Lori's program is especially good for someone who does not do well with medication due to the side effects.  Before I saw Lori, I was taking medication for my thyroid and was experiencing terrible side effects.  The medication gave me headaches and pain in my legs, which made it difficult to walk.  I was so happy with the results that I couldn't wait to give Lori a big hug at my second appointment.  My advice is to follow Lori's program by eating well and supporting your body with vitamins and minerals rather than dealing with the side effects of medications.  Without your health, life isn't nearly as enjoyable.  

Linda (7/16/20)