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Lori Vashaw, BS, CN


(Please use organic items when possible)

Spices including but not limited to salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and garlic and herb seasoning (the most used in my spice cabinet)
·       Olive oil
·       Apple cider vinegar
·       Canales Italian dressing
·       Coconut amino acids (in place of soy sauce)
·       Flour – almond, rice and coconut
·       Diced tomatoes
·       Tomato sauce (without added sugar – try the Muir Glenn brand)
·       Artichokes
·       Roasted red pepper
·       Capers
·       Black olives
·       Brown rice
·       Brown rice pasta
·       Brown rice crackers
·       Brown rice chips (a treat)
·       Almonds (a super food)
·       Almond butter
·       Chicken bone broth
·       Chicken base (better than bouillon brand)
·       Gluten and corn free bread crumbs
·       Beans – Cannellini, black and red
·       Herbal Tea (any flavor Traditional Medicinals and Yogi are the best)

Healthy Pantry

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