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Lori Vashaw, BS, CN

To educate and empower our clients to live in optimal wellness.
This approach is comprehensive and complements any existing health care program.

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Practitioner Profile

Lori Vashaw

Lori Vashaw, president and founder of Riverview Wellness Center, holds a BS in Business Administration, is a Certified Herbalist and a Usui Reiki Master. She has extensive training and experience in the field of Clinical Nutrition and has worked with many doctors across the country.  She assesses the body to find functional weakness and then works to strengthen those weaknesses and systems with whole food nutrition, herbs, homeopathic remedies and essential oils. As a professional in the field of Clinical Nutrition, Lori believes that a sick or diseased body is a body out of  balance.  She relies on the testing techniques (NRT and CRA), lab and blood results and health history to develop a personalized plan for her clients.  Each client beginning this nutritional process will be advised on food intolerances, custom eating plans with recipes and shopping lists, and lifestyle choices.  Lori specializes in natural hormone balancing, digestive issues, blood sugar regulation, and a whole host of symptoms, health concerns and conditions to restore energy and balance in the body.


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Nutritional Consultations


Are you having trouble losing weight? Do you feel tired and generally unwell? An initial visit will include defining your best food options, testing for food intolerances and nutritional weaknesses. The testing method utilized is a combination of CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis), NRT (Nutritional Response Testing), and Muscle Response Testing. Based on the results from your assessment, a personal profile and guided eating plan will be created. Whole food supplements will be recommended when appropriate. A full assessment takes approximately 30 minutes. For best results, re-check assessments are recommended.

This is not a medical service.

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Customized Eating and
Lifestyle Planning

What is NRT?

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