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Lori Vashaw, BS, CN

21-Day Detoxification

Are you suffering from the following symptoms?
Weight Gain, Fatigue, Headaches, Allergies, Joint/Muscle Pain, Edema, Anxiety, Stress, Hormonal Dysfunction, Skin Conditions, Sleep Disturbances, High Cholesterol, and High Blood Pressure.

In conjunction with the assessment and eating plan, this program is a 21-day cleanse that targets all of the systems of the body for maximum detoxification.  Supplements and protein powder are included in the package price.  

21-Day Detoxification Program Includes:

  • Complete supply of products for 21-day program (includes whole food nutritional shake powder, and whole food supplements)
  • Initial start-up meeting and 3 weekly check-in meetings include personalized coaching for support, and nutritional education
  • Cost $300.00
  • For more information, please contact Riverview Wellness Center at 315-343-9975.

Ionic Foot Baths

Detoxification is an important part of physical and mental well-being. Toxins can affect the body in the following negative manners:

•    Lethargy
•    Digestive ailments
•    Disrupt the overall performance of the body
•    Skin conditions
•    Joint pain

The detoxification process allows for a more balanced system which allows for a reduction of symptoms and a greater sense of energy and well being.

Our detoxifying treatment utilizes an ionic cleansing machine. The machine can remove toxins from the body through the feet.

The treatment stimulates the:

•    Lymphatic system
•    Liver
•    Kidneys
•    Gall bladder
•    Blood

Ioncleanse Before
Ioncleanse After

Before Ionic Cleanse

After Ionic Cleanse


Chakra Mat

A specialized mat made of crystals that are heated to a comfortable temperature, work on all of the systems in the body for relaxation, detoxification and balance.

Treatment includes essential oils diffused in the room and offered for use on the feet.  Relaxing music or a guided Chakra clearing meditation is offered for you to listen to as you relax on the mat.  Heated neck pillows and lavender eye pillows are provided for extra relaxation and comfort.  This is a 30 minute treatment that will feel like a vacation from all of your cares and worries.  There is no physical touch with this treatment and once you are placed on the mat, you’ll be left alone to enjoy your peace. Staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns. A much needed treat for the soul!

Chakra Room