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Books, Cards and CD’s to help with:              
Personal growth            
Manifesting your desires            
Affirmations for living your desire            
Intuition and Meditation tools and techniques          
Spirituality and spiritual growth            
Finances and/or financial healing            
Emotional healing            
Angels and angel healing
Female Hormones and Menopause

From our favorite authors:            
Dr. Wayne Dyer            
Louise Hay            
Dr. Doreen Virtue            
Kyle Gray            
Denise Linn            
Joe Dispenza            
Gabriella Bernstien            
Dr. David Hawkins            
Dr. William Davis            
Dr. David Perlmutter            
Suze Ormond        

Dr. Christian Northrup
Marianne Williamson  

And many more as we always seek ways to educate our client base.

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