Systems for Success

The Center

The Riverview Wellness Center was established in Oswego in 2002 as a comprehensive wellness facility that provides complementary healthcare services. . The center offers nutritional counseling, weight loss, mental health counseling,  Reiki therapy, skin care products, and detoxification treatments. Our emphasis is placed on helping individuals achieve a state of total well-being. Our staff collaborates with doctors and other healthcare professionals to ensure our clients meet their personal healthcare goals.

Our clients enjoy the peaceful setting and the convenience of multiple services being offered at the same location.

In this busy day and age, personal, mental, and physical care often are neglected. Our professional staff educates clients on how to increase the their general well-being, energy, and physical condition The center also offers unique healthcare products and gift certificates that are redeemable for any service or product.

We offer our clients flexible hours to accommodate their demanding lifestyles. Our hours are Monday thru Friday 10am-5pm. Tuesday evenings and Saturdays by appointment. 
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