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Systems For Success Testimonials

Testimonials from Representatives

"Systems for Success is what every doctor is looking for in their nutritional practice.  It shows the doctor how to deal with the staff, the literature, the supplements and most importantly the patient.  There is no doubt that when a doctor follows the protocols that Lori has set forth they will be successful in implementing nutrition in their practice.  Lori is fantastic and has developed an unbelievable model for success."
Adam Davis, Western New York Nutritional Services

"One of the most important and valuable seminars for my practitioners."
Press Maycock, SP Representative

"Another dynamic seminar - What a tremendous learning opportunity for health care practitioners.  You two are an awesome team, and we so appreciate your commitment and passion. We loved the inspiration and can't wait for more of it!"
Sammi Heartl, Event Coordinator - SP of Northern California

"Lori Vashaw has so much to share with our healthcare professionals regarding how to envision, plan and run a truly successful practice.  She speaks from real experience running an extraordinary successful practice in Upstate New York.  She makes no excuses and lives what she preaches.  In the past only those customers willing to travel to Oswego, NY could learn how Lori runs her practice.  She is a no nonsense businesswoman and if you want your customers to learn what she does and apply her methods to be successful, then bring Lori to your territory."
Bruce Poritzky, Applied Nutritional Services NY and NJ

"Lori Vashaw provides a comprehensive seminar that tells practitioners what they need to hear, not what they want to hear! 

Her seminar will help launch your nutrition based cash practice using simple and easy to follow steps.  It is a must see for anyone trying to grow or jump start a nutrtion practice!"
Benjamin Viola, Director, Standard Process Nutrition Northeast, Inc.

"If you want to be successful in practice financially, emotionally and spiritually, this course is a must!  Lori gives you all the tools you will need and makes it so simple.  You will be inspired and ready to be successful Monday morning.  There's no excuse for anything less with this course!
Lisa Lynch, RD Standard Process, SPMetroNY

Cindy Grogan, Standard Process Associate Representative

"I often get asked by practitioners about which seminars are the best to start with. The truth is that all of our seminars are great starting points no matter how long you have been providing nutritional support for your patients/clients. What the real issue seems to be is how to then use that information in an effective manner in your practice. This is where we have had a hole in our educational opportunities. No more."

"Lori Vashaw, BS, CHP runs what is by many accounts the most successful nutrition practice in New York State. The Riverview Wellness Center is located in Oswego, NY and there is currently an 8-10 week waiting list for a new client appointment. Lori wants to help as many people as possible but cannot see them all, and she thinks that eight weeks to wait for an appointment is just too long. So, Lori has developed a seminar to train other Primary Health Care Practitioners to provide the level of care and to realize the level of success that she has. The seminar is called "Systems For Success" and Lori teaches just that – the systems needed to effectively run a practice no matter what modality you use."

"The first class we held at the Riverview Wellness Center in February during a period when Oswego County was getting pounded with lake effect snow. Seven dedicated practitioners and I made our way to Lori's practice and took part in what was the first run of Lori's seminar – one would have thought it was her fiftieth event. Lori conducted the event like a seasoned pro: she presented in a fluid manner that left me with the feeling that anyone really can provide the care that Lori does if they follow her carefully planned out steps."

Jim Cordes
Standard Process of New York, Inc.

Reprinted by permission from Primary Natural Health March 2007

Testimonials From Participants

"Great job!"
Dave Wise

"Better than expected! I thought it was going to be all about boring business. Bit it was a very interesting, organized, and disciplined seminar with clinical application!"
Robert Poane, DC

Kathy Crosland, LAC

"I enjoyed this workshop very much. I loved the detail, the simplicity and the willingness to share with us.  Lori is a great educator."
Cynthia Tuller-Paulz, DC

" Thanks for making the trip to Maryland. Look forward to further implementing."
Susan Anne Bates, DC

"Fabulous! Thanks!"
Robert Bastress, MAC, LAC

"It was a great introduction to SP's seminars!"
Leslie Lewart

"I loved how approachable you were. Lori is someone who has great energy and makes you want to be around and learn from!"
Bobbilyyne Skidmore

"I learned so much the first time, but this time I learned 3x more. I recommend everyone repeat the seminar if they are serious about this work."
Bekki Medsker, ND, CNC

"Absolutely incredible. It's one thing to attend a workshop on success, purpose and confidence, but to have that instilled based on the presenter's aura and stance while she is presenting brings out a new and stronger desire to institute a system that is very clearly working for both patients and practitioner."
Alan Riley, DC

"Awesome. So helpful! Best seminar I've been to."
Andrea Telfer, FNP

"Thank you for taking time to teach this class. Thank you both!
Christina, LAC

"Thank you."
Mary Le, DC

"This is truly the best organized, with the best handouts of all the many seminars I've attended and I've been to an average of 16 per year for 6 years!"

"Thank you for sharing your successful experience and tools. Your class is fun and motivating."
Marie T. Jacobson, LAC

"Great seminar, full of easy to apply info, well organized, easy to follow, logical order. Lori also has a great sense of humor."
Petra Eggert, DC, PT

"This was my first seminar that I've been to and it made a huge difference on how I will organize and run the nutrition in the office I work in."
Sophia Caterpano

"Thank you for the great info."
Ali Tootoonchi, DC, CCN

"Better than I expected, I learned so much and am excited to move forward in a new direction. Thank you for inspiring me and lighting a new fire to my professional and personal life."
Stacey Hoover

"Thank you for the inspiration and systems to help more people reach their potential. It's simple and it works. I'm excited and blessed to be here."
Michelle Largent, DC

"Just excellent in every way!"

"Super great! Can't wait to get to work."
Sharone Franzen, LAC

"Great to have Laurie Doty at the seminar. Great to have one of your mentees here to share her experiences. Thank you Lori and Laurie!"
Candice So, DC

""Lori Vashaw's seminar was excellent. She models efficiency and heart. She showed me how to value my time, work efficiently and find my confidence by knowing myself and my purpose. I am inspired to organize my practice and separate my acupuncture and nutritional appointments."
Sydney Walker, LAC

"Very dynamic and informative seminar. Just what I needed for my practice. I feel I can be more efficient with less stress and more confidence."
Christine Rodriguez, RN, ACN

"The review of information was helpful. Even though I had the ACT graduate training, I appreciated the updated information. Both Lori and Laurie are pleasant, professional, and so knowledgeable!
Valerie Ozsu, MSN, NP

"I am moving out of an RN practice into a holistic model. A lot of new information but Lori has clearly resonated with me...and I know with every fiber of my being - I can do This!"

"There are teachers and then there is Lori Vashaw. She has taken teaching to a new level. You simply cannot walk out of this course and not be prepared to totally transform your practice. Lori is a treasure. "
Sheryl Moller, HC

"Thank you Lori for an amazing seminar. It was so well organized and thorough. Great practical advice to use immediately.
Dr. Sue Sehlmeyer, DC

"Thank you Lori for taking the time to share your expertise, love and passion with me this weekend. I am grateful to have spent the time with you!"
Thomas Iannetto, DC

"Loved it! I was totally engaged for the entire seminar (2 days)!"
Joan L. Jacobs, DC, CCN

"Fantastic seminar! Loved the actual testing part."
Rachael E. Tinari

"Excellent presentation in every way! Thank you!"
Robert Lutz, CAC, LMT

"Great seminar. Thank you so very much."
Marlene Povilauskas, PT, DPT

"Practice management in a box! A simple, concise, well though out seminar. One of the best practice management seminars I've been to in years. No hype, just honest help and advice."
Thomas R. DiFedeli, LMBT, DC

"So much more than I expected. Over the top and out of the box."
Bekki Medsker, ND, DCN

"Awesome. Very engaging and usable info."
Hillary Mower, BA, DC,

"Awesome! I'm ready to begin in my office."
Lisa Silva, DC

"I appreciate the time spent to cover everything that Lori does in her practice."
Sonya R. George, DC

"Inspiring, concise, and very well presented."
Angelina Ogburn, AS, ART

"Thank you for your grace and expertise. Please continue to share your gifts."
Amy Hauck

"Lori presents this in a concise, practical manner and makes it fun at the same time! We can do this!
Robert and Debbie Lang, ND

"Great seminar! Perfect blue print for implementing nutrition into your practice!
Mark S. Yarborough, DC

"Come back soon."
James Morrison, DC

"Excellent presentation of your knowledge and clinical experience! Thanks for spending time with us this weekend! You've made the process so easy."
Jessica Elizondo, CNC

"Excellent simplicity."
James Tucker, DC, CNC

"This seminar blew me away! I wasn't sure what to expect and my expectations were far exceeded for a management seminar. I can't wait to implement what I've learned."
Elizabeth Miller, DC

"Great event! Very informative!."
Nelson Bulmash, DC, DACBN,CCN

"I learned a ton!"
Wendy Sanches, DC

"Lori was informative, clear and enjoyable to spend the weekend with. I would travel to learn more from her."
Irma Palmer, DC

"Love how simple it seems. I always have fear of new info but you make it look so simple."
Jason Stephenson, DC

"Excellent seminar! Even after 30+ years of practice I learned many valuable ideas. This seminar is packed with so many useful tools to easily incorporate into any practice."
Ramon Warren, DC

"Thank you. Great seminar with great information."
Curt Blabaum, DC

"This seminar was very inspiring and easy to follow.  I am more than excited to start working."
Erika Hickey

"Amazing class!  thank you so much for your time and help."
Jeremiah Wright, DC

"Thank you so much!"
Andrea Evans, MSACN

"Amazing seminar!  Thank you so much.  Looking forward to working with you some more."
Anna-Marie Simpson, MSDC

"I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar."
Amanda Stuby, DC

"Absolutely well done with topic and method of presentation, in addition to application."
Kristin Jacobsen, DC

"Amazing and very inspiring!  Thank you."
Tara Wright, DC

"Very good seminar!  Great refresher on how to Positively run the office."
Nathan Witkop, DC

"I tend to shy away from "practice management" seminars, because there is something about them that feels sleazy and salesy.  I was astounded at how different Lori Vashaw is from the rest.  Within the first hour of her Systems for Success seminar, I had complete trust that she was not out to get our money, nor was she out to teach us how to get money out of our patients.  Her mission is clear - to help us become more efficient at helping others-and it shows in her words, body language and entire presentation.  Not only that, but it works! I have so much more energy and excitement for the growth of my practice now.  I realized how much time and energy I was wasting on reinventing the wheel with every new patient. I have implemented many of the systems that Lori shared with us, and my practice is absolutely rejuvenated! I'm making effortless connections in the community, and the new patient calls are coming in much greater numbers because I am in a position to receive them.  Thank you Lori!"
Suzie Lee, DC

"Very enjoyable seminar and great speaker"
Michael Sonnleitner, OD

"Loved it!"
Casey Eldredge

"This seminar had a lot more impact the 2nd time around."
Eve Bernstein DC, CAS

"Lori provides all the tools and information necessary to run a vibrant, successful clinical nutrition practice."
Leah Martina LAC

"Another amazing weekend of Lori Vashaw! I really enjoyed the information and her high energy."
Bahar Nehawandian DC

"Love x 1,000"
Kimberly Anne Hoffman LAC

"This seminar exceeded my expectations and completely opened my eyes and changed my outlook.  Thank you for such an amazing presentation."
Rachel Forman-Lau

"Thank you for the digestible nature of the presentation."
Kalyani Gilliam, LAC

"A fantastic presenter, great energy, and this makes her so easy to learn from and be inspired.  Thank you, your passion shines!"
Allison Catapano, DC

"Lori is awesome to share everything she has worked hard to develop in practice.  She makes me realize that I can do it too."
Sharon Williams, DC

"Awesome presentation Lori! So simple, succinct, respectful.  I can't wait to implement your ideas into my veterinary rehabilitation practice."
Holly Heimer, RVT, CCRA

"The NRT part was great to see done.  Thank you."
Luis Ponge Sr. C,H,E,K practitioner

"Wonderful energy"
Gene Martin DC

"This is my 2nd time taking this seminar and I got even more out of it than the first! So blessed SP has brought you to us!"
Nancy Le, DC

"So many things that I loved! Lori has great energy and such a generous spirit. I'm so excited to sit down with my assistant and create a more efficient practice as well as see even better results!"
Jennifer Schmid, MSN, RN, CNL

"This was awesome! Thank you so much.  The business side of things does not always come easily and clearly to us healers."
Kristin Morgenstern, LA

"As a soon to be graduate, this seminar was great to provide a this is how it works view on integration of business principles into my future chiropractic practice."
Jenn Nolan, DC

"Absolutely would recommend. The seminar helps us as clinicians understand and design systems that allow us to focus on our #1 priority, each patient and their success in being healthy."
Matthew Buffan, DC

"Lori is such a kind soul and truly cares for everyone she has a chance to come in contact with. She is very confident in her abilities and is not afraid to tell it to you exactly how it is. I have respect for her direct approach because you know exactly what you are getting. This program gives you exactly what is says and you will be successful if you do what she teaches."
Jonathan Zwerka, DC

"Lori uses a far more efficient means of testing than I was taught. I will start using her method immediately in my practice."
Zigmont DelMastro, DC

Lori is great! Such an inspirational seminar and everything I need is in the binder and on the CD (that I did not have to pay extra for!) Thank you!"
Sybil Coburn

"After 25 years of practice - Finally a seminar that presented a "How to Run Your Own Unique Nutritional Practice".  The information makes it possible to customize it to your own needs, instead of trying to make me a clone. Lori is an incredible instructor. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly.
I have never felt, coming back to my office after a seminar, confident enough to implement what I learned until this Monday. I KNOW I can do what Lori does and I will."
John Mistretta, DC

"As a support person in the office, I value the straightforwardness of the office management procedures and would definitely attend again."
Heather Wright, BS

Very excited to apply this.  This will simplify what has become tedious and stressful in my practice."
David Wright, DC

"Very informative. Great experience. Wonderfully done!"
Christina Trzaska, DC

"Wonderful job!"
Michele Battaglia, BS, DC

Lori Vashaw is an engaging, fun, knowledgeable, and an ethical practitioner and presenter. I had a great time at her seminar. I trust her and she is very successful."
Jason Barton, DC

"Wonderful! So informative. Lori and her staff are amazing and so full of knowledge and have wonderful energy."
Christina Barton

"I really enjoyed the time management with the seminar."
Janelle Wilkinson Adsit, LMT

"Great job of teaching!"
Howard Walsdorf, DC

“Excellent! Fantastic. I look forward to referring family to your practice.”
Dona Watkins

“I found the seminar to be absolutely inspiring and motivating! Thank you.”
Una Barkstrom, B.S.C.

“Excellent seminar. Your information is what I have needed to get me started. Thank you for all the paperwork and documentation.”
Sybil Coburn, D.C.

“Fabulous, Thank You!”
Robyn Graber, D.C.

“Great seminar!”
Pat DeJoy, D.C.

“I realized how easy it can be to implement nutrition into my practice to help my patient succeed, and I succeed financially with residual income.”
Kevin Sommer, D.C.

“This seminar contained great information delivered in such an enthusiastic manner that I am excited to go to work on Monday and begin implementing these new systems and techniques right away! Thank you Lori for your passion and commitment to helping and
educating others!”
Maria Zalone, D.C.

"Informative and precise."
Shirley Espinoza, DC

"Lori's Systems for Success seminar was what gave me the confidence to step fully into the realm of nutritional consultation in my practice. I always suggested good nutrition, but never with the systems in place to ensure compliance and success with my patients. This is the perfect seminar for the doctor who has the information but struggles to solidify nutrition as a cornerstone of their practice. You will love and be challenged by Lori in this fun and stimulating seminar. It's an absolute must for those incorporating nutrition into your practice."
Nicholai Sorochinsky, DC

"Write a book on this!"
Richard Thomes, DC

"Excellent program to simplify and streamline while re-enforcing attitude and intention in office building"
Alice J. Barone, DC

"Every sentence had powerful information"
Devorah Feinbloom, DC

"Great job! Concrete application tips, structured implementation program.  Essential bridge between SP clinical programs and "taking it to the streets"  Thanks Lori"
Jeanne Dooley, MSW

"Great refresher as I took this seminar 5 years ago.  Very motivating on several levels - personally and professionally!  Easy to follow systematic approach to Lori's practice."
Jen Wickett, LMT

Very inspirational and helpful.  You encouraged us to be everything we want to be, and taught us that we can get there!"
Hannah Katz-Barfield

"It is always great to see a new vision for a perfect practice. Thank you. We had a great weekend."
Margie Sears, CNE

"Wow!  What a fantastic, inspiring, realistic and confidence instilling seminar. As a new practitioner, the guidance and tools and anecdotes that both of you provide are invaluable."
Suzanne Tamlyn, DC

"Excellent seminar. I highly recommend it."
Robert Lichtenstein, DC, CNS

"Finally a concise, simple, easy to implement system. Thank you! Wish I had this 20 years ago."
Teresa Bouchard, DC, MS

"Absolutely awesome! Straight forward. Great systems. Easy to implement."
Tammy Ines-Lang, DC

"Outstanding! Very clear and useful!"
Denice Hilty, DC

"Awesome, thank you so much. Great practical stuff. I feel confident I can apply this information in my practice immediately."
Doug Willen, DC

"Far exceeded expectations!!"
Scott Jahn, DC

"It was great information and easy to use worksheets."
Heather Saunders, ND

"Do this at least TWICE! Second time is even better."
Jesenia Francois Garcia, MSTM, CNC, LMT, CHAP

"Excellent presentation. Really bumped up my knowledge, and gave me tools I could immediately use/implement in practice."
Rich Sears, DC

"Lori made it clear and simple. The materials she provided are streamlined and user friendly. Thank you for making my life easier!"
Bonita Grandal, ND

"Thank you so much for your gracious giving. That was the first inspiration to developing my practice."
Kayla Corbin, RPN, NTP

"I enjoyed it very much and I’ve taken away from it things that I can immediately implement in my practice."
Memaniye Cinque, CNM

"I loved the powerful, logical simplicity of Lori’s systems. Because her organization is at the core of her practice, the treatment protocols are very clear and therefore effective."
Kathryn Boyce-Piper, RN, CHHC

"Thank you so much for the evaluation and for making me "feel" again."
Lori Fahrenkrug, MA, PT

"Very informative, presented with clarity. How to run a nutritional business from a business standpoint."
Jane Whitaker, DC

"Wow! I think I can help some more people and I feel great about this. Watch out Monday…things will be changing!"
JoAnna Fasulo, DC

"Lori Vashaw was/is a definite ‘Divine Confirmation’ of what I need to do Monday morning. Thank you for bringing a wonderful, gifted, smart and caring Clinical Nutritionist who shows us the business part of our practice. Probably the best seminar I have ever attended!"
Josenia Francois Garcia

"Lori’s seminar inspires and motivates; it’s as simple as that!"
Kenneth D. Fischer, DVM

"Lori is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and presented it in a fun and energetic manner!"
Erik Uuksulainen, DC

"Amazingly organized and clear to understand! Great way to jump start the Clinical Nutrition career."
Tanya Dolan, BA, NC

"Great seminar – so glad I came!"
Terri Sarnoff, BS Health Education

"Lori was awesome! I recommend this course to all practitioners! Simplicity! Great information!"
Sean E Heevey, ND

"Inspirational, educational, fun. Thank you Lori for helping me help others better.
Suzanne Tamlyn, DC

"Awesome seminar – exact and simple to implement. Just what I needed at this moment! Everything you need to start up a nutritional practice."
Bill Cirina Jr., DC

"Lori has created and organized a streamlined program perfect for the Standard Process based chiropractic clinical nutrition office"
James Tighe, DC

"Awesome, easy and educational!"
Brenda Sahlin, DC

"This is exactly what I needed to grow my "clinical nutrition" practice. I’ve felt so disorganized this past year so I’m glad I now have the tools to organize myself."
Katie Sarnoff, DC

"Seminar was motivating. I can implement what I learned immediately. It was organized and well presented."
Patricia Santoni, RCA

"Great – even for a seasoned practitioner. There was much to learn and reacquaint myself with."
Nadia Malek, DC, DACBN

"Great information. Amazing support staff. Inspiring."
Susan Schift. DOM

"Lori presented a well organized plan to help me make my practice successful. Thanks."
Pam Rousseau, RCA

"Thank you for sharing – I really needed this class."
Maria Rodriguez, DC

"I loved everything. Clear, concise, simple, no nonsense!!!"
Andrea Lawrence, DC

"I loved this seminar. Lori is great! I wish it was longer and she was closer. Awesome – I would recommend to everyone. Thank you!"
Vanessa Shields, DC, BCAO

"Fantastic seminar. Fun, detailed, gained much knowledge from this seminar. Awesome job Lori and Standard Process representative Liz Crowley."
Sheria knox, BS

Kimberly Besuden, DC

"Excellent seminar."
Charles Barton, MD

Jody Smith Williams, BS

"Great information!"
Emily Cross, RN,RFS,BMT

Lori was excellent. I learned so much. I am so grateful I came! I am so excited to put her ideas into my practice."
Joanne Catanzarita, RN-MS

I am so grateful that Adam sent me – he was so right. I am ready to take my practice to the next level. I don’t feel so overwhelmed to figure out how. I am grateful to have the ongoing support of Lori as I make this overhaul."
Kristy M. Allen, DC

I am very glad a colleague suggested it. Loved the seminar!"
Lynn Sellyei DC, MSA

Great seminar – definitely gave me new ideas on how to modify my nutritional patients."
Jamie L. Brenon, DC

"I feel that I finally have the tools to start a nutritional practice. I have been giving away my knowledge for free in the past."
Beverly Marshall, BS-MS

Excellent seminar! We would recommend and re-attend!"
Jill A. Picioccio, BS, CT

"Great seminar jam packed with awesome practice building information. Thanks! Very motivating."
Jackie Flynn, DC

"Fantastic, insightful, simple. I would highly recommend it. Lori was extremely approachable. Love finally having someone in business teaching us!"
Maureen (Molly) Keele, DC

"Best class I’ve ever attended. This is a person who really cares! Presenting an ethical way to empower people to take charge of their own health."
Sal Amadea, LAC

"Great seminar – simple, streamlined and very helpful for getting folks back to wholesome eating and habits."
Beth Goulding, DC, MS

"Extremely beneficial and easily applicable for patients and staff."
T Goulding, DC

"The presentation really simplified management of nutritional cases, and gave me the confidence that I can do this!"
Nancy Fuller, DC 

"Absolutely great job.  My husband will come to the next one!  He has been looking for something like this for years.  Now it is here."
Pauline Clark

"I felt that the seminar was very  informative.  Being on the front lines I learned a lot about what to do." 
Jeanne Allen, CA, CNA

"Wonderful seminar/beyond expectations.  High energy. Lots of fun too!"
Robert Caprine, DC

"Lori showed me easy ways to get out of my own way with regards to my nutrition practice.  I can't wait to get to work on Monday to implement what I learned.  Thank you Lori!"
Tiffany Bare, DC

"The best seminar that I have ever been to.  Fantastic!  Well worth attending."
Terry Plante, LAC

"This is the most comprehensive, well planned and well delivered seminar on practice building I have ever attended.  It is clear that Lori has a background in education and business.  She is a "born teacher".
Karen Davis 

"Great overview."
Susan Waletkus, BS, MS, DC

"Thought provoking to allow you to refocus on what your mission is and where you want to be in your journey to a great cash practice."
Jason Charkalis, DC

"Since the seminar, (less than 1 year ago) we have increased our nutrition practice approximately 60%.  We really appreciate Lori's input - it was  very helpful."
Dr. Shirley Rufrano, D.C.

"Great Seminar!"
Susan Cosgrove, DC

"Very organized.  I like that you started with purpose and vision - very important.  Thank you for helping to put us on the fast and easy track to success.  My patients thank you also."
Joe Rufrano, DC

“This seminar was very informative.  I will be able to use this as office manager in a nutritional office as well as my own massage business.”
Jen Wickett

"Excellent - thank you for sharing and saving us the time to make all these forms."
Shirley Rufrano, DC

"Very well organized! Very logical! Simplistic protocols to apply. Great!"
John Zilliox, DC

"Thank you Lori!  You not only trained me to help many others, you also helped me to figure out my personal health concerns."
Lisa Misiak, DC

"Lori and Co:
You guys are brilliant at the basics!  Your class was informative, encouraging, and just plain fun!  Thank you!"
Cruse C. Howe, DC

"Everything was great.  Excellent example of how to keep it simple and not reinvent the wheel.  Great business advice!  Perfect for anyone who wants to start from scratch."
Cory Bingham, DC student

“I have been thinking about your course almost constantly since we were in Oswego, taking your Systems for Success, three weeks ago. First of all, I have to say, that in my experience of twenty years of continuing education, as a Chiropractor, I have never taken a course where the generous spirit of the lecturer was so evident. While reviews of your course by previous attendees had indicated that yours was outstanding, I was not prepared for the extraordinary depth and thoroughness of the resources you offered. Now that I am back in my office using your material, I am more and more impressed each day. Your procedures and paperwork are elegantly simple. There is no hype, no extraneous posturing, just a carefully wrought, set of administrative tools. Each part of each system that I implement makes my patient visits less stressful and more authoritative. I am happy and feel that I have far more value for my money than I have ever gotten before, and yet, I have only begun to mine the jewels from this seminar.

I am beginning to understand how you can have a three-month waiting list!"
Michael Priestman, DC

“Great Job!  My highest recommendation.  Answers to all the questions I had plus even more I don’t have a clue about.”
David Harsma, D.C.

“I had fun!!!”
Tony Lebro, D.C.

“A wealth of information presented in a very clear, logical order.”
Colleen Glavey, Nutritional Consultant

“Very practical, thorough presentation on all the dynamics that lead to a successful, thriving practice.  Outstanding attention to detail; the take home material is so helpful, complete, very usable.  Can’t thank you enough for all your hard work & enthusiasm!”
Cindy Grogan

“12 feet of snow, ice storm, plane delays, I’d do it all over again.  Lori puts it all together with purpose and passion.”
John Woodward, D.C.

“Lori has infused her energy and expertise into this workshop.  I am in practice for 26 years and can’t help but learn from her.  Lori, the time and effort you (and your terrific staff) put into the workshop was extraordinary and resulted in an informative, practical, and well organized workshop that benefited all attendees…The manual that you put together is very complete and useful in everyday practice. Thanks again for all your time, and your willingness to share knowledge and procedure
Kenneth S. Solomon, D.C.

“Awesome!  Thank you for a wonderful experience.  I found your presentation both inspirational and educational.
Ted Mc Authur, D.C. 

“I got a lot out of the workshop for my own personal health.  By getting myself better organized and more confident, my stress will lessen causing my health to improve.”
Nanci Knox, D.C.

“Thank you!  An amazing amount of useful information.  This is exactly what Practitioners need to know.”
Jim Cordes, Standard Process of Western New York

“Lori, thank you for a wonderful, well thought out, informative seminar.  You and your staff did a superb job managing all our needs – even a sled!  In going thru the manual, I’m realizing how much was put into it!  I am sure I will continue to find more ideas that I can utilize.  Thanks so much for taking the time to share what has made your practice success.”
Ann Hovey, LMT

"Lori’s passion for her work is infectious.  She has not only motivated me to implement a nutritional component in my practice, but she has provided a platform to begin the process.Well done!
Jeff Patterson, D.C.

"Lori’s seminar exceeded all my expectations.  Everything that was presented I can use Monday in my nutrition practice.  This is one of, if not “the” best I have ever attended."
William Dingman, D.C., C.C.N, N.D

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