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Please note:  The information contained within "Seminars & Education" is intended for Health Care Professionals only.

As a result of repeated requests from colleagues and my former Standard Process Representative, Jim Cordes, I created Systems for Success, Creating and Managing a Nutritional Cash Practice. Our pilot program was presented in February 2007 with outstanding success.

I opened the Riverview Wellness Center in June 2002, in Oswego, New York (population of approximately 20,000).  My mission was “To empower and educate clients to live in optimal wellness.”  By the end of 2006, the center was seeing over 800 nutritional clients with amazing results.  As I traveled across the country attending seminars, I was always being asked by practitioners in the field, how we had grown so quickly and had such great compliance and retention.  Systems for Success is a workshop and forum that shares all of our systems, protocols, forms and procedures.  This workshop was created and is intended for Practitioners of Clinical Nutrition that have a desire to dramatically improve their results, compliance and retention, and have a 100% referral based, cash practice."

Lori Vashaw
Owner of Riverview Wellness Center/Seminar Instructor 
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