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Public Lecture CD

For Systems for Success Attendees Only:


Our Public Lecture CD is now available and we are so excited! There are 2 versions:

  1. The first is For Practitioners only and features a different introduction and ending, while the core information is the same.
  2. The second is For Public Use and has an introduction and ending appropriate for that audience. Again the core information is the same for each product.

The CD is 20 minutes in length and covers all the topics that Lori Vashaw talks about in Public Lecture. The intention of this CD is to educate your client base using as little of your time as possible. We also  use this in our practice by handing it out and saying "listen to this and let me know if you're interested". This CD will generate strong interest in your Nutritional Practice!

This is available on a first come, first serve basis and doesn't include tax or shipping as we are shipping all over the country.

Please call or contact Riverview Wellness Center for more information and pricing.

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