Systems for Success

Mentoring Testimonials

"Lori Vashaw truly enjoys leading practitioners to their full potential. Her clinical and business experience combined with honesty and creative thinking is a valuable asset to anyone who is working to improve themselves, their clients, and their business."

Carl and Renee Pettito
Watertown Wellness Center

"It was a pleasure to work with Lori. The assessment process helped to shed light on some self- limiting beliefs that I had been holding on to. All questions, whether by phone or e-mail, were answered in a timely manner and by Lori. It is important to have mentors who are successful. Lori's practice is highly successful and not just because of the revenue she generates. She is highly satisfied and happy and her patients are making changes. Lori's vision of how she wants to practice is simple, straightforward and crystal clear. Developing and maintaining this clarity was the most important thing that I learned."

Sean E Heerey ND
Naturopathic Doctor

"When I met Lori Vashaw at her Systems for Success seminar, I knew immediately she was the missing piece of the puzzle for my practice. I have been studying nutrition and muscle testing for many years, but the details of running a business have always overwhelmed me.   In May 2015, I flew from CA to Oswego, NY to start working with Lori.  She created a thorough business plan to help me build my dream nutrition practice. I spent 2 days shadowing Lori in her practice, and I attended her Advanced Techniques Seminar. Having Lori on my team has been invaluable. Every day I am implementing the action steps of my business plan and the tools and techniques she taught me.   We have phone consults every 2 weeks to check on my progress, and when I have a question, she's got the answer.  Working with Lori has had a huge impact on my self confidence as a practitioner and business owner.  I am now fully confident my business will be a HUGE success and I wake up every day excited about my business! I love having Lori by m side!"

Sarah Kenney MA, NC
Ukiah Nutrition & Wellness Center

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