Systems for Success

Mentoring Program

Lori Vashaw is currently providing a mentoring program.

For more information - 315-343-9975.

Mentoring Program
Intended for Health Care Professionals only

  • •    Available to Systems for Success Attendees only.
         Exercises from the seminar to be completed prior to first visit.
         Practice Management assessment tool to be completed.
    •   Initial assessment is a face to face meeting.
        Follow up visits scheduled as necessary via phone.

    •    Initial Visit includes:
          1.    Practice Assessment
          2.    Development of a Strategic Action Plan
          3.    Development of a Strategic Business Plan
          4.   Using a muscle testing technique, you will be tested to be sure    
  •              that  you are congruent with your plan.
           5.  One day observation in Lori's office.

    Follow up Visits include:
          1.    Goal Setting
          2.    Action Plans
          3.    Weekly Accountability

    Initial Visit Fee is $1000.00

    Practice Assessment, Strategic Action Plan and Business plan:  Hourly rate of $250. 

    Time will include direct contact time and any email correspondence, etc.  


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