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Lori Vashaw

Lori Vashaw

Lori Vashaw holds a BS in Business Administration, is a Certified Herbalist, Usui Reiki Master and currently has attended over 600 credit hours in the field of Clinical Nutrition.  She has extensive training and experience in assessing the body to find nutritional weaknesses, using a variety of modalities and then working to strengthen the weaknesses using whole food nutrition, homeopathy and herbs.  As a professional in the field of clinical nutrition, Lori feels that a diseased or sick body is a body out of balance. 

Lori uses a combination of NRT, CRA, Biomeridian and Heart Rate Variability as needed to determine which body systems are weak and out of balance.  She tests for food intolerances and customizes an eating and lifestyle plan based on individual needs.  
Lori specializes in natural hormone balancing, digestive issues  and helping restore energy and balance in the body. 

Lori began her professional career as a Business Instructor at OCM BOCES in Liverpool.  She worked as an instructor for approximately 13 years.  In 1994, Lori sustained a life-changing injury which left her in a chronic pain state for approximately four years.  Despite surgery, nerve blocks, cortisone injections, physical therapy, etc, Lori became progressively worse and lost the use of her right arm.  She began working with a chiropractor that uses Applied Kinesiology and was referred out to a doctor that did nutritional work using CRA.  This was the beginning of Lori’s healing journey which resulted in a career change for her in 1998.  Lori currently has no pain issues or physical limitations as a result of the injury and requires no medications as a result of her nutritional regiment.

Lori travels all over the country to work with doctors and other professionals in the field of Clinical Nutrition.  In 2007, Lori began teaching other professionals in the nutritional field and continues to do so with her Systems for Success seminars.  She has a passion for teaching people that Wellness is a choice!
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