Systems for Success

Advanced Techniques Workshop Testimonials

"I am honored to be here. Thank you"
Kim Lombardy, DC

"Awesome seminar as expected!"
Stephanie Iannerone, CAC

I learned more pearls.  Practical knowledge I will be applying with my protocols immediately.  Great hands on workshop."
David Budaj, DC

"This seminar increased my confidence with NRT testing. Great new pearls for difficult cases. Looking forward to applying new knowledge in my practice."
Christine Rodriguez, RN

"Fantastic day together. Thank you very much!"
Ahnee Min

"I loved the drilling.  Hands on is by far the best way to learn. Thank you for all the insights."
Lisa King, Associate Rep for SP

Lori and Laurie were well worth my long travel time! Lori is so passionate about health - it's contagious!"
Marissa Wallie, DC

"Wonderful class! You always amaze me!"
Bekki Medsker, ND

"I've been to about 10 or more weekends at SP in the last year, so SP and MediHerb are still relatively new to me, but I've realized that the speakers fall in to 3 categories:
1. Rock Star
2. Good
3. Not so good (those who have a tendency to meander or are too much involved with their egos).
Lori, you fall into the rock star category as you delivered exactly what you said you would, in a relaxed and simple manner. The day went by very fast and those who I've spoken with agreed.  You have a certain manner that really resonates with people.
The "Lori Technique" is streamlined and makes a potentially complicated subject much easier.  I found it very helpful and valuable."
Gene Martin, DC

"Thank you so very much for allowing us to attend as Reps.  I appreciate how much effort you put into this, and your spirit."
Kim Sperry, CNC

"Thank you! Please come back!"
Eve Bernstein, DC

"10 out of a 10.  Thanks!"
Ron Burt

"Thank you for all your help.  I now feel I have all the tools necessary to create a successful nutrition practice"
Leah Martino, LAC

Lori is enthusiastic and committed to teaching others what she has learned.  Highly recommend her seminars."
Floyd Manana, DC

"I definitely will continue taking Lori's seminars because I have a long list of positive reasons why I love her information and her."
Sharon Williams, DC, TN, ACN

"Grateful for the opportunity to spend one on one time with Lori and looking forward to getting to know her work even more!"
Victoria Reyzelman, DC

"I am so glad I came to this seminar...It really closed the gaps for me. I definitely left with a better grasp and understanding"
Christina Trzaska, DC

""Lori knows how to make learning about nutrition and muscle testing fun and engaging.  Her seminars are the perfect balance of technical information and simplicity. I love Lori's focus on intention, personal energy, and  a simple stress free practice"
Jason Barton, DC

"This compliments the Systems for Success seminar well!"
Zigmont DelMastro, DC

"I appreciate Lori's down to earth style of treatment and presentation style."
Cara-Michele Nether, LAC

"Lori provided a fun filled day, full of concise easy to use knowledge, that can be used immediately. If you want to build a clinical Nutritional practice, get to Lori's seminar-NOW"
John M. Mistretta, DC

"Lori had so much knowledge to share. Thank You! Wonderful job focusing on individual client needs with custom program methods. Organized, simple and practical!"
Matt Buffan, DC

"I love the clinical pearls"
Jonathan Zwerka, DC

"Excellent! The final missing piece in my nutrition practice training!"
Sarah Kenney, MA, NC

"Thanks! This seminar makes it seem much easier."
David Wright, DC
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